Step 1: Eligibility

Are you eligible for financial aid? Good question. The types of aid you are eligible for depends in large part on the information you put on your application, including your family income and assets. Click through to our Eligibility page to get more information about specific requirements and find the kinds of aid for which you qualify.



Step 2: Get Ready To Apply

The best way to apply for financial aid is to prepare ahead of time. Click through to our Application Prep page to find out what information and resources you will need to gather and have available in order to complete your applications with ease.



Step 3: Apply Now

Got everything in order and ready to start filling out your applications? Let us do the legwork for you. Click through to find one easy list of online applications so you won't miss a single opportunity.



Step 4: Get Help

Need a little help or extra clarification? Financial aid advisors are available for you at all California community colleges. At many schools, one-on-one assistance and financial aid workshops are available. Enter your zip code below to find financial aid offices near you. You will get a list of colleges in your area, including street addresses (in case you want to visit them in person), websites and direct telephone numbers for the financial aid office for each college. 

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Step 5: What’s Next

What can students expect after applying for financial aid? Click through to find out what happens after you submit your FAFSA, and for more information on how to enroll in a California community college.




Financial Aid Office Locator

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